A Wireless, Web-Connected Bed?

These days, it seems as though pretty much everything has been connected to either the Web or a smartphone in one way or another.  In some cases, you have to wonder if the manufacturer really thought things through before they said, “Let’s make this Web-enabled!”

In other cases, it makes logical sense to connect a device to the Internet and in a lot of cases, it’s a take it or leave it proposition.

That’s sort of where I am on the idea of the It Bed, which is a bed that’s Web-enabled and controlled by your smartphone.    Found at Sleepnumber.com, the It Bed is designed to help you find out when you sleep best, how long you need to sleep, and at what temperature you prefer to be sleeping.

The It Bed can also connect to your fitness apps and devices, such as  Apple® Health, FITBIT®, Microsoft® Health, Withings Health Mate™, Nest Learning Thermostat™,,  and Map My Run™.

The idea behind this smart bed is that a lot of people sleep badly, but only because they can’t figure out what circumstances enable them to sleep well.  The It Bed makes that possible, as it has adjustable firmness and can also keep track of such metrics as your heart rate and your body temperature.

it bedIt’s all controlled by your smartphone, and it’s iPhone and Android compatible.  You install the app and register at the company’s Website.  Then you set up your account, lie down on the bed, and adjust the comfort level until you find a setting with which you’re happy.

After that, you just need to keep your phone handy while you sleep each night.  Over a few days, the It Bed will accumulate date based on your sleep patterns, your heart rate and temperature and assign a “sleep score” to you.  You’ll get suggestions for how to improve your score.

By connecting your apps to the It Bed software, you can also see how your active life and your sleep patterns interact with one another.

Not sleeping alone?  The It Bed has independently adjustable sides, so you and your partner can each find the settings that they like.  The bed has multiple chambers of air and foam that can adjust to the contours of your body.

Setup is easy; you just need to set up a flat, firm surface, remove the bed from the packaging, unroll it, and power it up.

As the bed is automatically adjustable, you’ll have to plug it into the wall using the included power supply.  It also needs to sit on a firm base, so beds with slats on the frame may not work.

Find your sleep score

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about the It Bed, it’s that you must use it with a smartphone.  It would be nice if it came with a Web-enabled remote, such as a small tablet, that could perform the function that a smartphone does.  While a lot of people own smartphones, not everyone does, and I’m not sure that people who don’t own a smartphone would be willing to go get one just to have a smart bed.   The app will work with Web-enabled tablets, too, but it would be nice if the company gave you an option to buy one with the bed.

The It Bed is available in Twin, Queen, King and California King sizes, and it’s a bit on the pricey side, though not overly expensive as mattresses go.  Twin models are about $800 and the king is about $1500 or so.  You can spend that much, or more, on a regular mattress.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, and lots of people do, then you might find that the It Bed is a wise investment.  If you’re getting proper rest, you’ll feel better, you’ll likely get more work done and you’ll probably enjoy life a bit more, too.

You can try the It Bed for 30 days with a no-hassle return policy, though they do charge $99 for returns.  On the other hand, they’ll ship it to you for free.