Stylish Bluetooth Wireless Headphones from V-Moda

v-moda bluetoothIf you’re under 50, you’ve likely been listening to music through ear buds for a long time, probably for decades.  It’s a convenient way to listen, though there are some problems.

The sound quality is usually so-so, at best, and the wires are a nuisance.   Sure, you’ve been putting up with the wires for years, but as time goes on, more and more devices have been going wireless, so we’re having to deal with less of that as time goes on.

We’re finally seeing some wireless Bluetooth headphones, and while that’s welcome, a lot of them still don’t sound that great.    Sure, getting rid of the wires is nice, but can’t we have good sound, too?

V-Moda’s new Forza Metallo (Metal Force) Bluetooth headphones say they’re going to change all of that, offering good sound, wireless performance, and all in a form factor that they say is rugged enough to put up with the stresses that come with wearing them every day.

The earbuds are attached to an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that fits comfortably around your neck.  V-Moda says they’ve done thousands of ergonomic tests to come up with a sturdy yet comfortable design that won’t cause you fatigue even after you’ve been wearing them for hours.

The Bluetooth enabled units will work within 10 meters (33 feet) of the music source, so you can run about the room or workout without having to have your music source on your person.

v-moda forza metalloBattery life is about 10 hours on a full charge, but a quick 15 minute charge will give you an additional two hours of playing time.

What about the sound?  V-Moda has a reputation for making good quality products, and they’ve worked hard on the drivers for the Forza Metallo.

They say that the new 5.8 mm Hi-Res neodymium driver provides enhanced bass, vivid midranges and natural, stress-free high frequencies.  In addition, the Forza Metallo also has built-in noise cancellation circuitry, so you won’t have to make do with other headphones that offer good noise cancellation but terrible sound quality.

Forza Metallo was designed with workouts in mind, so they’ve been built to be resistant to sweat.  Moisture of any kind is a problem with electronics, and since these headphones were built to be worn while working out, the phones have been treated with what the company calls “special nanocoating technology.”

An attached 3 button remote makes it possible to control your music and incoming calls and the headphones are compatible with iPhone, Android and all Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.

The headphones also come with three different sets of detachable sport fins to give you the best fit and stability while working out.  The last thing you want from your headphones when you’re exercising is to have them fall off.

All of this performance and technology doesn’t come cheaply, unfortunately.  While you can spend a fortune on electronics these days, most people don’t want to spend big bucks on headphones, especially since such relatively small items are easily lost.

The Forza Metallo headphones start at a base price of $170 or so, and they’re available from the V-Moda Website.  You can also likely find them at a number of other retailers.

If you’ve been looking for a great looking set of wireless Bluetooth headphones that can also provide some decent sound, the V-Moda Forza Metallo might be worth taking the time to check out.