Vintage Vinyl Becomes a Bluetooth Speaker

vintage vinyl bluetooth speakerIf you like vinyl, and lots of people do, and you also like the convenience of modern technology, then you should check out the new Kickstarter project for a Bluetooth speaker that uses vintage record albums for the cone.

The project was created by Jeff Davis, who owns a company called Vinylux.  He’s been repurposing old albums and turning them into bowls.  He got the idea of using the bowl shape to create a speaker horn, and the idea for the Bluetooth speaker was born.

He partnered with a company called UncommonGoods to create the speaker, which comes in a wooden enclosure and features Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect a music source.

While I’m not all that crazy about seeing a record destroyed to make a speaker, it turns out that tends of thousands of records are discarded every year, and many of them are in such poor condition that they’re unplayable as records.  It’s not a bad idea to find some way of putting them to use again.

Jeff has spent the last 15 years recycling old, worn-out records and turning them into useful devices.  He got his idea when someone looked at one of his bowls and asked, “Will it still play?”  That gave him the idea for a speaker that made use of a record in the design.

Production will take place in Philadelphia, and the production process will make use of all the parts of the record, including the cover.  The label will appear in the center of the speaker.

There are several price levels involved for those who pledge this project.  At the lowest level, you can simply select a genre of music, and the company will select a record for you.

At the next level up, you can create your own artwork.

For a few dollars more, you can submit your own record, and they’ll use it to create the speaker.

Finally, you can spend a few dollars more, and they’ll acquire the record for you and use that newly-acquired album to create your speaker.

Genres include:

  • 60s Rock
  • 70s Rock
  • The 80s
  • R & B
  • Diva
  • Show Tunes
  • Crooner
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Opera
  • Folk
  • Classic Country


Starting  prices for the speaker is about $175, and prices range up to $250 if you want them to buy the record for you.  The finished speakers are expected to ship later this year.

If you’re interested in this Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker,  you should check out their Kickstarter site.