Connect to Your Stereo via Bluetooth for Under $15

mpow bluetooth receiverThere are lots of ways to listen to music these days, and many people just use their phones or perhaps an mp3 player.  That works, and you can buy dedicated devices that will allow you to listen to music via Bluetooth.

But what if you have an old-school stereo system at home, or one in your car that isn’t Bluetooth enabled?  I’ve got a 2009 car that has a 1/8″ miniplug input, but no USB or Bluetooth capability.

I also have a vintage stereo system at home, with a turntable and a CD player connected to it.   How can you play music from your phone through that?

A new gadget from a company called Mpow will allow you to do that, and the device sells for less than $15.

The Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver has a 1/8″ miniplug output, so you can connect it directly to any device with that kind of input.  With an inexpensive adapter, however, you could also convert that 1/8″ plug to a pair of RCA plugs, for instance, and then you could connect it to a vintage 1970s or 1980s receiver, if you wanted to.

The Mpow Streambot gets up to 8 hours of use from a single charge, and it can be recharged in 90 minutes.  Recharging is done via USB, and you can recharge the unit while using it, which you might find to be convenient from time to time.

It’s great for using in a not-quite-up-to-date car, where you can simply connect the Mpow to your car stereo and then stream music from your phone.  The Mpow allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and it can automatically reconnect to your phone if your phone is already turned on when you power up the Mpow.

The Mpow is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled smartphones and electronics, and the company makes several different models with slightly different feature sets.

Here’s the best part – the price for any of the models in the Mpow Streambot line is under $20, and the reviews are terrific.  It’s a simple, inexpensive device that was created to do one thing and apparently does it pretty well.

It’s a great way to get extra use out of older stereo equipment that you might have lying around that you thought you wouldn’t use again because you’re primarily listening to music on your phone these days.

It’s also a great way to get music in your car without having to replace your car stereo with something newer and more expensive.

You can find the Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver at a number of different retailers, including Amazon.

Well worth it for the ridiculously low price.