No More Lost Combinations

noke bluetooth padlockThere seems to be a tendency these days to make everything wireless, whether it needs to be or not.   One can debate whether any particular item really needs wireless or Bluetooth capability, but rest assured – if the feature is added to an object, somebody will find it useful.

Thus we get the Noke (pronounced “no key”) padlock.  It’s a rugged padlock that’s suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.  That’s great.  We all need padlocks from time to time.

This one, however, is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to open it from your smartphone.

This is where you have to have that internal debate with yourself about whether you actually need such a device in your life.  Most padlocks open in one of two ways – you either need to have a combination to open it or you need to have a key.

People often misplace keys, or they don’t have them nearby when they need to open the lock.  People frequently forget combinations and then forget where they wrote it down, leaving them with a lock they can’t open.

The Noke solves those problems by building a tough padlock that runs for a year on a common watch battery.  It’s suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.  And it can open automatically when your smartphone is nearby, saving you the trouble of doing anything at all to open it.

Of course, the Noke has more features than just that.  It’s IOS or Android compatible.  You can track your lock’s history.  You can share (and revoke) the ability for others to open the lock using their smartphones.

You can also set times or dates for when entry to others will be permitted, giving you a lot of flexibility regarding its use.

The Noke app also allows you to manage multiple locks at once, just in case you want to buy more than one.

The lock is build using hardened steel and boron, and has anti-shim technology, making it resistant to thieves.

What if the battery dies?  Not a problem; the Noke has a patent-pending “Quick Click” method of opening the lock manually using a provided access code.

If you’re interested in rugged security but you want something that will be easy to open when you need it to, then you might want to consider buying a Noke.  It runs about $60 and you can buy it at a number of places, including the project’s Kickstarter page.

The Noke was originally a Kickstarter project, and it turned out to be a wildly successful one.  They were looking for $100,000 in funding and ended up getting more than $650,000 out of the deal.