Smart Watch? Traditional Watch? Why Not Both?

chronos smart watchWhen it comes to devices that tell time, we’re sort of at a crossroads these days.  While mechanical watches have certainly reached a high level of sophistication (and price!), the smart watch has come along to offer features that a traditional watch cannot.

Wristwatches have been a part of the daily wear of millions of people for about a century now, and they’ve reached a point where they can offer accurate time, the date, and sometimes even other features such as alarms and phases of the moon.

They cannot, however, let you answer your email, count your calories or let you control the music to which you’re listening.

These are features that you find in a smart watch, which are computer-controlled wristwatches that interface with your smartphone to give you some, but not all, of the functionality of your phone at the convenience of having it on your wrist.

Smart watches can also give you the time.

Some purists don’t like the idea of replacing a wristwatch with a small computer that will likely have to be replaced in a year or two and most smart watches don’t actually look very nice.

On the other hand, the best traditional wristwatches are things of beauty and works of both science and art.  They also look pretty good with a sport coat or a tuxedo.

What do you do if you can’t decide which one you want?

chronos smart watchNow you don’t have to.  A new device called the Chronos can give you the best of both worlds.  The Chronos is a small, very thin disk that attaches to the back of any wristwatch with a diameter of at least 31 mm.  It attaches via something called “micro suction,” so you won’t have to worry about magnets messing up your Citizen Eco Drive or your valued Breitling.

With the Chronos attached, you’ll get smartphone functionality in any watch you like, and you can move the device from one watch to another.

Among the functions Chronos offers:

  • Music control
  • Locate your phone by tapping your watch
  • Notification alerts – know who is calling or texting
  • Health data – count steps and calories and monitor fitness goals
  • Take pictures by using your watch to control your camera shutter.
  • Silence calls by using your watch to mute your phone.

The Chronos comes with a recharging stand, and the unit can recharge in just 30 minutes.  It will run for 2 days on a full charge.  You can charge it without having to remove it from your watch, which makes it convenient.

At the moment, the Chronos is compatible only with iOS phones, though the company Website says that the Android version will be coming soon.

At the moment, the Chronos is priced at just $99.  This device is a pretty clever idea, especially for fans of higher end watches.  While a few watch companies are trying their hand at smart watches, it’s pretty obvious that most of them are going to stay away from this trend for the foreseeable future.

Chronos gives you the opportunity to wear a high end luxury watch while still having the functionality of a smart watch.  That seems pretty smart to me.