The Robot Weed Killer

tertillIf you have a garden, then you likely have weeds.  Weeds like to grow, and they’re very fond of the same sort of conditions that one finds in a garden – lots of light, lots of water, and lots of nutrition.

If you have a garden, then you’re going to have to deal with weeds, and frankly, that’s a nuisance.

You’ll have to pull them, or cut them, or use harsh chemicals on them.  Those methods all work, but they’re hard work, they’re expensive, and there’s that whole “Why do I want to put chemicals on my tomatoes?” thing.

That’s where Tertill can help.  Tertill is a gardening robot that was developed by the same people who developed the Roomba.  It’s a robot that routinely patrols your garden and looks for weeds to kill.

When it finds a weed, it uses a built-in string trimmer.   It finds it, cuts it down and moves on.

Even more impressive is the fact that Tertill has a method of sensing whether the plants its encountering are weeds or the important plants in your garden.  The determining factor is height, so this is a device that will work best if you start using it as soon as you plant.  Plants below a certain height get whacked.

Plants above that height are allowed to remain.   What about seedlings that aren’t yet tall enough?  Tertill comes with a collar that you can place around that plant that will cause the robot to ignore it.

It uses a similar sensor to determine the boundaries of your garden, though there are some rules about how you should set that up in order to ensure that Tertill doesn’t go roaming around your neighborhood unattended.

Tertill is solar powered, too.  That means that you won’t have to plug it in and recharge it.  You can just let it do its thing.  It will even stay charged on a cloudy day, though it won’t patrol your garden quite as often on days that aren’t sunny.

You can also control the Tertill via Bluetooth using your smartphone.  The information on that was a bit sketchy on the Tertill Kickstarter page, so I’m not really sure exactly what sort of control you’ll have over the thing with your smartphone.

The Kickstarter campaign was wildly successful, and the company raised nearly 300% of its funding goal.  That’s the good part.  The bad part is that the Tertill isn’t yet ready to ship, and likely won’t be for the better part of a year.

Still, they’ve got some pretty enticing deals on the Kickstarter site, so you can line up to get yours for the start of the gardening season for next year.

If you don’t like cutting weeds, and you don’t like using harsh chemicals, and you don’t like having to bring in your electronic products from out of the rain and you don’t like having to deal with recharging things, then you’ll love the Tertill.

You just need to set it up, protect the smaller plants in your garden, and let it roam around and do its job.

No more weeds.  And that is that.