The Dash Cam You Probably Need

cobra ip 200In today’s modern society, we spend a lot of time driving.  We probably spend more time driving than we should, and we certainly spend a lot of that time being distracted.

Accidents happen, and sooner or later, most of us will have an auto accident of some sort.  When that happens, your mind becomes a blur, and it can be difficult to remember what happened, and which car did what, and when.

Sorting all of the particulars of an auto accident out is a lot easier with the Cobra IP 200 dash cam.  With this clever gadget installed, you’ll be constantly recording whatever is in front of you while you’re driving.

The IP 200 mounts to your windshield with the provided suction cup mount and is powered from your car’s cigarette lighter or power adapter.  When the car starts moving, the camera comes on, and it records in a continuous stream of 3 minute segments.

These are saved to the included 4 GB micro SD card, and the Cobra can also detect an impact or a sudden acceleration.  That pretty much ensures that if something happens, the device will capture it on video so that you can see it later.

The device records continuously, and if the SD card gets full, the oldest segment that was saved to the disk is overwritten with new data.  You can also use a button on the dash cam to manually record video.

The unit is designed to point straight forward, so that it can capture license plate numbers.  That’s not all, though.  The IP 200 also has 120° field of “vision,” so it will also be able to record things that aren’t quite happening directly in front of you.

All of that video will be recorded in 1080P high definition, making sure that you’re getting all of the detail that you need.

An additional feature is the motion sensor, which can detect motion in front of your vehicle even when it’s parked and you’re not driving.  If motion is detected, the IP 200 will start recording automatically.

“Why would I need a dash cam?,” you might ask.   Accidents often happen suddenly, and often lead to lawsuits and litigation.  It’s very possible that, through no fault of your own, you could end up in an accident and be the plaintiff in an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit.

With the Cobra IP 200 dash cam, you would have video evidence of what happened in that accident and that might be sufficient to get you out of a lawsuit and save you thousands of dollars.

With the automatic motion sensor, you might be able to record video of someone vandalizing your car, or even another one that is parked nearby.

All of these are reasons why it might make sense to have a dashcam.  An even better reason is that the Cobra IP 200 is very affordably priced, with a retail price of about $60 or so.

At that price, it makes sense to have one, just because you never know when you might have an emergency.

You can learn more about the Cobra IP 200 at the company’s Website.