Singsation Makes Karaoke Easy

singsationI’ll admit that karaoke isn’t my thing, but I have, on occasion, enjoyed watching other people do it.   It used to be (and still is, I guess) a thing that one had to do in bards or clubs, but thanks to a lot of new hardware, you can now do it at home.

That hardware has become easier to find, better in quality and more affordable, too.  Perhaps the latest entry in the home karaoke market is the Singation from 808 audio.

The Singsation is a portable microphone.  OK, we’ve seen those before.  But this one does a lot, especially for the suggested price of $49.99.

The Singsation is a wireless microphone that you can use to perform karaoke.  According to the manufacturer, it works with all video sharing sites and karaoke apps.  You can also stream your favorite songs wirelessly from your phone or tablet and use the built-in speaker to listen to music.

The built-in speaker is said to have “big” sound, and presumably, there is appropriate noise cancellation built in as well so that you don’t have any feedback problems.

To add a bit of visual appeal to your performance, the Singsation has a built-in series of special lighting effects.  In fact, there are 14 multi-color light models including party, pulse, chase and more.

Don’t have a large crowd to cheer you on?  Not a problem; the Singsation has built-in sound effects, too, including cheers and applause.

Can’t sing?  Don’t worry; there are also five built-in voice effects, including echo, baritone, and something that they call “alien.”

The Singsation is rechargeable via USB, and a cable is included.

You can also , if you must, use the Singsation as a public address system.  If you’re addressing the PTA or the local Chamber of Commerce, you might want to turn the “alien” effect and the light show off.

While the Singsation is new and was just introduced by 808 Audio, the company has been making audio equipment since 2011 and concentrates on creating high-quality gear that is available for purchase at an affordable price.

So far, the response seems to be favorable.  Over at Amazon, the Singsation has nothing but 5 star reviews, and they appear to have all come from actual customers, rather than from the usual paid trolls.

I’m sure that the Singsation will be a big hit this holiday season.  If you love karaoke or know someone who does, you might want to pick one up as a gift.

You can buy the Singsation at a number of places, including here.

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