Sounds in the Shower With Moxie

Do you like to sing in the shower?  Take really, I mean, really long showers?  Or just want a portable speaker that will let you play music nearly anywhere?

You might want to take a look at the Moxie showerhead by Kohler.

moxie speaker showerheadI know what you’re thinking – “A showerhead?”  Yeah, it sounds strange.  But Kohler actually makes a showerhead that plays music, and it’s cooler than it sounds.

It won’t do you any good if you’re one of those people who is in and out of the shower in two minutes, but if you spend a lot of time there, or even a lot of time in the bathroom, you might find this device to be useful.

The Moxie Showerhead mounts in your shower  just like any other showerhead would, so if you have a wrench and some Teflon tape, you can install it in a couple of minutes.  Don’t forget the tape or you might find yourself with a leaky shower.


The showerhead has a cone-shaped depression in it, and the Moxie is a cone-shaped speaker with a magnetic fastener in it.  It just pops into the shower head and pulls right out so you can recharge it.

The Moxie is Bluetooth enabled, so you can stream music to it from any other Bluetooth source, such as a tablet or a smartphone.  It comes with a recharger, so you can just remove it from the shower and plug it in to recharge.

Volume is controlled from the device providing the music, so you’ll have to set that up on your phone.  You’ll get up to 7 hours of music on a charge.

As the Moxie speaker can be removed from the shower with a gentle tug, you can take it with you to use pretty much anywhere.  Kohler had this in mind when they designed it, so they made the speaker available in four different colors.  As I write, it’s available in Navy Blue, Chartreuse, Retro Blue, Cherry Red and Original White.

The Moxie is able to work at distances up to 32 feet from the music source, which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of where you put either the speaker or the source.

How is the shower?  Not bad; it has 60 angled nozzles that spray water around the speaker, and you can use the head with or without the speaker in place.  Of course, I’m not sure why you would; having the speaker is sort of why you bought the showerhead in the first place, isn’t it?

wireless showerheadThe showerhead is also available in two different flow levels – 2.0 gallons per minute and 2.5 gallons per minute.  Oddly enough, the version with the lower flow actually costs about 20% more.  I don’t know why anyone would pay more to get less water, but then again, I’m one of those people who likes a lot of water out of his shower.

I realize that not everybody is going to need music in their shower, nor do they need a Bluetooth-enabled showerhead.  On the other hand, the Moxie is portable, works well, provides sufficient volume for most uses, and doesn’t scream “I’m a showerhead component!” when it’s sitting on  a table just playing music.

If you’re looking for a good portable speaker that can double by providing music in your shower, you might find the Kohler Moxie to be a pretty useful tool to have around your house or apartment.

You can find the Moxie at Amazon and a number of other retailers.